Tips for Keeping Cool This Summer

Seniors need to be especially careful in the hot Texas weather to avoid overheating or potentially suffering heat stroke. The bodies of older adults cannot adjust to high temperatures as well as younger bodies can, so following these practical tips can help keep you cool and comfortable throughout the summer. For those in need of… Continue reading Tips for Keeping Cool This Summer

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Seniors and … UP sizing their homes?

Baby boomers are upsizing at an increasing rate. UP-sizing may not be what you think of when you consider Baby Boomers and real estate, but in today's world, some boomers are actually looking to increase their house size. Boomers may prefer to live with their children and grandchildren, so that they can care for children… Continue reading Seniors and … UP sizing their homes?

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Top 10 Blogs and Websites for Seniors

If you're reading this, you may just be a tech-savvy senior citizen. Gone are the days when Grandpa and Grandma let technology pass them by, content to live with print...senior citizens today have more skills and interests that involve the internet than ever before! Below is a list of 10 of the best Blogs and… Continue reading Top 10 Blogs and Websites for Seniors

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Retirees tap into “Virtual Villages”

  Here in Austin and all over the country, Retirees are better able to "age-in-place" due to technology which connects them with helpers. While many seniors move to senior living communities to simply their lifestyle and always have helper around, some prefer to stay in their homes but don't wish to or cannot afford to… Continue reading Retirees tap into “Virtual Villages”


The Ten Best FREE Apps for Seniors

Don't underestimate Senior Citizens -- they love their smart phones and tables as much as the next person! Here are our ten favorite apps for Senior Citizens to have at their fingertips! To Download, search the name of the app in your iTunes app store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android)  TuneIn Radio - Stream radio from… Continue reading The Ten Best FREE Apps for Seniors

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Summer Checklist for an Efficient Home

Summer in Texas poses a lot of energy-related problems for homeowners and possible home buyers. Below is a checklist of possible issues to diagnose and  ensure your home is running as efficiently as possible. Do you feel a draft? Your fireplace could be open If you feel hot or cold spots on floor, this could… Continue reading Summer Checklist for an Efficient Home

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Independence for Seniors

Independence is something most seniors strive to maintain and closely associate staying in a home or “aging in place” as this independence. However, moving into senior community can give you a different kind of independence and freedom than you may think. Some of the benefits to moving from a house to a senior community are:… Continue reading Independence for Seniors

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Aging Boomers Drive Up Need for Housing and Resources

According to AustinUp, the Austin area has the nation’s #1 fastest-growing population of people between 55 and 64, and the 2nd fastest-growing population of people 65 and over. As more and more Baby Boomers move into the retirement phase of life, (10,000 a day according to some sources!) the need for housing for these aging Americans… Continue reading Aging Boomers Drive Up Need for Housing and Resources