Having “The Talk”

Have you talked with your adult children about your long-term care needs and options? According to an American Assoc. of Retired Persons survey, two thirds of adult children have never had this conversation with their parents. This talk does not necessarily have to involve a children-parent relationship, it can also involve an elderly loved one that… Continue reading Having “The Talk”

Benefits of Downsizing Early

According to an article in Next Avenue, the best time to downsize is early - before you need to. According to the article, "Pre-downsizing pays off for a wide range of reasons: strategic, physical, emotional and financial." Let's take a look at 8 benefits of downsizing early. Starting early shows you how much you own… Continue reading Benefits of Downsizing Early

15 Decorating Trends Making a Comeback

"15 Decorating Trends That Designers Say Are Making a Comeback". Check out our summary of the 15 trends below and you can check out the full article by checking out the link under source! 80's Style: Combining pastels, neon and elements such as graphic prints and oversized furniture. Think 80's but more modern. Rounded Furniture:… Continue reading 15 Decorating Trends Making a Comeback

Senior Living: Affordable Housing

According to an outstanding and interesting article from Senior Housing News, "The question of whether the senior living industry is prepared to meet the demand for middle-market senior housing has emerged as one of the top issues facing the industry in 2019." So what exactly encompasses this issue? For one, the baby boomer generation is… Continue reading Senior Living: Affordable Housing

Are You Experiencing Mismatched Goals with Your Adult Children?

Middle-aged adults and their aging parents often find themselves in a difficult place when mismatched goals impact their relationship. For example, a parent may be experiencing balance issues and their adult child may want them to use the walker as prescribed by their doctor but the parent may refuse. An interesting article in the New… Continue reading Are You Experiencing Mismatched Goals with Your Adult Children?