Using Home Equity to Age in Place

In this week’s blog, we are going to explore the pros and cons of using your home’s equity to age in place. Please note there are many other factors in considering any of these options. Please seek the advice of financial professionals. There are several options available including taking out a reverse mortgage, using a… Continue reading Using Home Equity to Age in Place

Seniors and … UP sizing their homes?

Baby boomers are upsizing at an increasing rate. UP-sizing may not be what you think of when you consider Baby Boomers and real estate, but in today's world, some boomers are actually looking to increase their house size. Boomers may prefer to live with their children and grandchildren, so that they can care for children… Continue reading Seniors and … UP sizing their homes?

Retirees tap into “Virtual Villages”

  Here in Austin and all over the country, Retirees are better able to "age-in-place" due to technology which connects them with helpers. While many seniors move to senior living communities to simply their lifestyle and always have helper around, some prefer to stay in their homes but don't wish to or cannot afford to… Continue reading Retirees tap into “Virtual Villages”

Summer Checklist for an Efficient Home

Summer in Texas poses a lot of energy-related problems for homeowners and possible home buyers. Below is a checklist of possible issues to diagnose and  ensure your home is running as efficiently as possible. Do you feel a draft? Your fireplace could be open If you feel hot or cold spots on floor, this could… Continue reading Summer Checklist for an Efficient Home